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Rainbow Connection

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On the Perils of Management Access & Straying From Process: Our Adventure With Jones Soda

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

We were initially skeptical about Jones Soda, but after meeting with management, we were left with a decidedly different, opposite impression. A few weeks later, we realized we hadn't taken management's comments with the requisite grain of salt they deserve. Here, we discuss how we allowed ourselves to be misled, what we've learned, and what we think about the company today.

Stone Street Advisors LLC Seeks Equity Research Interns

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

We are hiring interns for the Spring/summer semester.

Overstock.com: An Opportunity Begging For an Activist With 10x Upside Potential

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

Long forgotten by Wall Street, we believe Overstock.com (OSTK) represents an attractive opportunity for the tenacious, operations-focused activist. Even despite the myriad risks - namely CEO Patrick Byrne - OSTK should deliver a 200%+ return over the next few years as it rides the shift in consumer preference towards online shopping, particularly for homegoods.

Where's the Slack?

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