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My Ten Commandments for Finance Twitter

dutch_book Dutch_Book

Rulers For $0.25! Markers For $0.97! Honey, Get The Kids, Lets Go To Staples!

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

Like many lumbering brick & mortar retailers, Staples seems to have adopted what I like to call a"chicken without a head" strategy; running around waving their wings trying to drum up business anyway, ANY way they can, while avoiding the 800 pound gorilla in the room, its 2,100 locations and the costs thereof.

Stone Street Advisors LLC Seeks Equity Research Interns

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

Stone Street Advisors LLC seeks 2-3 qualified interns for equity research work.

A Brief Example of The Limitations of Algorithmic Investment Selection

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

Relying on systematic stock selection to identify buying/selling opportunities provides novice and professionals investors alike an easy way to inform their decision making. However, investing is not easy, and such reliance is at the very least as much a source of risk as it is opportunity.

Stone Street Advisors LLC Equity Research Performance Analysis, 2011-Present

the-analyst Jordan S. Terry

An analysis of Stone Street Advisors' stock picks since 2011 shows significant outperformance, on both an absolute and relative basis.